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WE NOW HAVE ORGANIC AFRICAN BLACK SOAP! Awesome on acne. Using many years of research, as well as published and proven scientific data; I am so happy to give you our Organic Face. These are amazing skin revitalizing items you will be able to see and feel a difference with. All products are as Natural and Organic as I can make them. My goal is to offer great and affordable products to a knowledgable consumer that is looking for great skin nourishing items. Rethinking the way we do skin care should only be "natural" in today's world. Feed the skin your in! Talk about ORAC values; If antioxidents, simple goodness, organics and repair is on your list of wants in face creams then put on your Happy Face TM!
Also we'll add in a list of DIY ideas that will add to your skin care routine a helpful knowledge and little to nothing cost.
DIY Tip 1- Acne prone skin should be toned daily without stripping natural oils or disturbing PH. To do this tone with Homemade Toner after washing made of 1/2 Peroxide, 1/2 Apple Cider Vinegar. Watch acne fade! Not for eye area.
DIY Tip 2- Extremely dry skin should not be washed with any old soap, use a moisture rich soap, or just warm water on a clothe. Use plain Organic Olive or Coconut Oil to relieve redness, and flaky skin. For eczema and psoriasis try our deep penetrating, Organic Butta'.
DIY Tip 3- Sunburn Bath! Use common place black tea (orange pekoe and cut black) to bathe in for taking the "sun" out of the burn. Should relieve sting and irritation.
Got some ideas to share? Submit them in contact us and if we can verify effectiveness and is backed by science or Grandma we'll gladly put here.
DIY Tip 4- Cucurbita Clean. After working outside, in the garden or even with machinery cut a squash or zucchini and rub on really dirty hands. Viola! A light scrub and watch those stains disappear. That's why homegrown squash is the main ingredient of our Scrub Bug TM Soap. Do try this at home!
Tip - Did you know, that White Oak Bark contains tannins that are antibacterial and help to tighten skin? That is why we have it as our main ingredient in our New Wild Harvested White Oak, White Cucmber, & Honey Eye Cream.
Tip - Honey is not only a very powerful antibacterial agent, but it is awesome at repairing damaged skin cells. Great for use on stretch marks, wrinkles, and scars.
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