Melisa' Where A Real Mom makes for you what I make for my own family. 

All Oils Are GC Tested, Pure & Food Grade! 

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About Us

Getting back to nature and rethinking the value of our health. Sometimes the unintentional consequences of ignorance are disease. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it absorbs (give or take) 65% of what's on it. It totally matters!
 We are a family hobby farm located near the beautiful Holly Springs Forestry in North Mississippi. All common place ingredients, such as Milk, Buttermilk, and Herbs, are produced right here organically. I started making our own body products ten years ago because my son had extreme eczema. Nothing I had bought worked to relieve it, so being a do-it-yourself kinda person, I decided to try soap and salve making. I became an avid ingredient reader. I realized just how much toxic crud was being put into everyday body products. Did you know that soap doesn't need one, not one, preservative, in it! It can sit for years and never go bad. Then I began to dabble with lotions. While in the garden with my son, and we both were eaten alive with chiggers I came up with the idea for Garden Goo TM. It is now our best selling product. Check it out, and thank you for visiting our site! If you have special requests, such as a specific ingredient soap, or bulk discount, call me and I can usually oblige. Melisa Mink-Owner-Mother
Best places to reach us, 901-326-9324 or
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